Elf Wizard


So’Khra was awakened by the smell of burning cinder. Barely conscious, he picked himself up only to discover he was standing in the middle of a huge crater. Panicked, he crawled up one of its sides. The ground didn’t burn his hands; he had been there for quite a while. On the edge of the crater, he collapsed to catch his breath, rolling over he saw what looked like the remains of a town, but everything had burned down.
So’Khra wasn’t sure how long he walked. He walked as if in a dazed state, struggling to remember what had happened, he kept having images of a town burning and people screaming. He didn’t even notice the pendant dangling from his neck until he stopped for water by a stream. He had no idea where it had come from, he couldn’t remember anything. Frustrated he continued into the forest.
Days could have past for all he knew, but So’Khra finally made it to a road and in the horizon a building. As he approached, it became obvious it was an inn, with a few horses tied up nearby. Suddenly a body flew out the doors and fell on the ground. Thieves were robbing them; they walked out laughing as a small boy ran out to the man. The thieves saw So’Khra, standing there in torn and stained clothes, believed he was a beggar; and cursed at him to go away.
That’s when So’Khra heard a female voice say, “Save them”
Instinctually, he raised his hand and threw a magic orb at one of thieves and without even hesitating he performed another psychic spell against the thief’s partners. Terrified, the remaining would be thieves ran off into the early evening. As thanks the innkeeper let So’Khra stay, wash up, and get a real meal.
During the evening So’Khra dreamed.
He was standing in a burning village, in front of a man slaughtering the inhabitants.
“Graft!” you shout, “You killed her!”
“Brother, don’t be mad.” The man chuckled as he turned to So’khra. Meanwhile the rest of the town’s population circled around the two men. One stepped forward, and in the same voice, “She was in the way.” A female stepped forward and in the same voice, “Now no one will separate us.”
So’khra’s dream flashed, and he saw a female dying in his arms wearing the pendant he carried, “Stop him, save them” she said with her last breath.
He was then knocked on the ground, back in front of the mysterious man. “He lied to us, he was using us brother! You’ll see, once I wipe those memories of them, you’ll see what they’ve done!”
He awoke with the name stuck in his head, Graft.
So’khra didn’t try to sleep much after that night. Constantly plagued by nightmares of what he hoped wasn’t his past, he began taking jobs for the inn. The innkeeper, after hearing his story, wasn’t sure if So’khra was telling the truth. Nobody had ever heard of a town from the direction So’khra came from. But he was honest and honorable, so he wanted to help the young wizard out.
He explained that if So’khra wanted to be sure, he would need to check the official records at the capital. Those would have been records that would be impossible to alter. But to do so would be extremely expensive. Only nobles could afford such services.
So So’khra took up work protecting caravans. The work was pretty steady and the pay was decent. However, He had been stuck in Mezzo looking for work for a week now. With luck he got a tip about transporting a prisoner, and even better, the pay would finally be enough to afford accessing the records. All he had to do was complete this one last job and he would be on his first step to figuring out his past.



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