Goliath FIghter


The town elder Cithu came upon her body on his way back from meeting about their enemy, the Orcs. A band of Orcs had just passed through the borders of their land. Just two years prior a war broke out amongst the Orcs and Hobgoblins in the region. Tired of being treated like second-class citizens, two Orc tribes banded together and slayed every Hobgoblin they could find. Though a superior race, the Hobgoblins were outnumbered 50 to 1. Only a few escaped the slaughter. Cithu was personally hunted down and left with an axe embedded in the right side of his face. He was thought to be dead but was later found by a woman in the tribe who had emerged from the underground hiding places when she thought the killing subsided.

When examining the fallen body Cithu discovered a 6" long pointed purple crystal tucked under her pregnant belly. Cithu immediately recognized the object. It was a magical item that could be infused with a ritual to protect his tribe from the Orc onslaught. It would keep them hidden while they rebuild their tribe. It was this crystal that pierced her belly that ultimately killed her. It was at this moment that Cithu saw a movement in the pregnant belly. The baby was still alive. Cithu took his knife and freed the Goliath baby. Cithu named him Lo-Kagg: Orc-Killer.

Cithu never spoke about the crystal. He infused it with a protection ritual that cast an invisible cloud over the camp for 1 square mile. He told the children to never venture outside of that area or the Orcs would kill them like they did their families. Lo-Kagg was raised by Cithu as his own child in a hut built just outside the main camp because the baby Goliath would never be accepted by the others. Cithu took it as a sign that both the crystal and the Goliath would save his tribe.

Lo-Kagg was raised as a viscous warrior and trained only by Cithu in hand-to-hand combat. Cithu believed that hand-to-hand combat was the most personal because you could feel the impact of each blow. As a true warrior you must feel the life being drained from your enemies. Though Cithu had a wound that never truly healed and left him in severe pain, it never stopped him from training with Lo-Kagg daily. Lo-Kagg could see what a wound to the face meant: you could not conceal it and you would never forget. Even if an enemy did escape the battle, they would never escape the permanent reminder of the mighty Lo-Kagg.

Because of the ruthless eugenics practices and general unacceptance by hobgoblins, Lo-Kagg was never integrated into the tribe. His bond with Cithu was fierce. Lo-Kagg understood at a young age that the village elder raising an outsider was unusual, and greatly discouraged. If more of the male hobgoblins had survived, it would have not been allowed. He may be the village elder, but law is law. The woman in the camp reminded him of this every chance they got. The weak and outsiders were not welcome, no matter what. The anger driven by rejection and loneliness was turned inward. He needed to get it out.

When Lo-Kagg was 15, Cithu passed from the facial wounds that had been inflicted on him by the Orcs. The night of the ritualistic cremation Lo-Kagg was turned away when he tried to attend. Filled with confusion and hate, he returned to his camp. Lo-Kagg went to the small box that Cithu kept under his bed. The same time each year he saw Cithu remove a large purple crystal from the box wrapped in leather. Cithu would perform some sort of a ritual and place the crystal back in the box. When Lo-Kagg removed the crystal, he a word inscribed on the leather that he did not know: Thunderwater (in Giant — Lo-Kagg only speaks Common and Hobgoblin).

That night he watched the fire burn from his hut. After the ceremony was complete and people returned to their huts to mourn, Lo-Kagg took the crystal and buried it beneath Cithu’s ashes. He did not know what the crystal was for, but he did know that it had great meaning for Cithu. As he dug with his hands, the hot embers burned his skin leaving a permanent reminder of great sacrifice. Revenge would be his.

Lo-Kagg wrapped the piece of leather around his right bicep, yelled for as long and as hard as he could with tears running down his face, and walked away from the only home he ever knew. Orcs had killed his mother. Orcs had killed his father. It was time Orcs met the same fate.


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