Dragonborn Blackguard


It all started when Griz’Bok made his first kill…at age 6. Young Hairoth mocked Griz on the playground and then everything disappeared. When Griz regained his sanity, four adult men were struggling to hold him down while attempting pry pieces of Hairoth’s face from his sharp jaws. Orphaned and rebellious, Griz had nowhere to turn, and the townspeople handed him over to the local Temple of Nusemnee to be redeemed, high up in the mountains in isolated peaks and crags, dangerous to all but the faithful. However, while growing up, the cultists were unable to control his rages until an elder Priest by the name of Vegryth seemed to calm him. Griz seemed to grow up, overcoming his past, but Vegryth and his closest followers, a sub cult of Nusemnee called the Redeemed Sons, were merely using Griz to secretly kill their enemies among the surrounding villages, thereby quenching his rage and desire for blood.

But internal conflicts waged war within Griz, knowing the teachings of redemption but falling again and again to his bloodlust. Then, at 23 years old, Vegryth unveiled that he, with the 7 others of the Redeemed Sons who had raised him and concealed his bloodlust, were followers of Zehir and that path what the only route to becoming who he was destined to be. Angered by the deceit, he channeled his wrath into their destruction, killing all but Vegryth and fled south. His vows lies, his god a myth, Griz’Bok felt alone, isolated. His dragons breath dried up inside him to a booming rage void of elements, his draconic nobility withering to flight, and his fury increasing tenfold.

For what seemed to be days, he ran in a trance. Rage and anger and sadness overwhelming him until he stumbled upon a Library and a powerful wizard took him in and guided him in searching for the answers he needed. He understood that while he had a drive to kill, he could focus it against the evil of the world, but to find an answer to soothe the rage for good, he must find more. However, those secrets were not to be found in a book, and in the cryptic words common to all wizards, he was told “Go to the Blackwoods, search among the hidden and the freely given, and there you will find what you are searching for.”

So Griz’Bok left the Library and traveled to the Blackwoods, searching for answers. He traveled far and wide, taking odd jobs guarding merchants, satiating his rages as honorably as he could as an adventurer. He happened upon a cleric, one who knew his pain and suffering, and joined with him in destroying Zehir and searching for a redemption, but trust in Nesumnee was not easily had after his betrayal.


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