In the White Shadows

Chapter III: Session IV - A Return to Old Ways

Cults and Slain Children

As Behrtogg opened the door to the Auditorium, several cultists whirled and glared at his interruption. Yezka lay on the bloody altar that had been erected on stage. He didn’t look well. Before Behrtogg could even move, the cultists’ leader fired a spear, striking him in the chest. It was on! These cultists wouldn’t last long!

But wait! As the DFA’s entered the fray, something a little more dastardly screeched from the corner. A giant owlbear! This was going to make things interesting…

After several DFA’s nearly dropped, the cultists and their wild pet were dispatched and Faustus did his best to heal the young boy’s wounds. Yezka stammered in terror as they asked him a few more questions. He shrieked that he had to go. The children were punished every night, but nothing like this. And now they killed his ferret (it was smashed behind the altar), the only thing that made him feel better. He began to cry when asked about Bellia. He had given her some food, but she was caught with it. He assumed these same cultists probably finished her off.

Outraged, Faustus grabbed the boy and made for the dormitory. Meanwhile, So’Khra was left with his dying pals, which he then heroically revived. Despite Faustus asking him to wait, So’Khra couldn’t overcome his own recalcitrance and began to search for what lurked beneath the stage…

Faustus and Yezka arrived at the dormitory entrance. For five minutes, he screamed and pounded his fist, demanding an audience. Eventually, Naria cracked the door, her face white as snow. She quickly ushered him away, but only after shoving a healing poultice into the wizard’s hand. She begged him to take Yezka away — he wouldn’t be safe here. The cleric obliged and returned to the group.

Meanwhile, So’Khra had discovered a trap door underneath the altar, and Behrtogg smashed a hole in the side of the stage. Both converged on a staircase. At the foot, was a gory room, like the one’s they had seen before. Blood was infused into the walls, and a pool of blood lie in the center. This time, however, four zombies were chained to the wall. They seemed to radiate heat from across the room. Three were smaller and frocked in tattered white, the other seemed larger and frocked in red. Hoping to wait for their allies, Behrtogg and So’Khra retreated to the top of the stairs. Eventually, they began to hear chains break, as the zombies proceeded up the narrow stairway. The plan was mostly succesful, as the narrowness kept zombies from surrounding any one character. Good thing too, as they began to burn with fire during the battle.

Eventually, the party fought their way to the last zombie. Behrtogg felt strange attacking it, but only for a moment — what was left of Bellia was irredeemable. As he smashed her softened skull, she exploded with fiery gore, taking the barbarian down with her. While Bellia could go home, it would take some time before the group could forget slaying even more children. Weren’t they past that?

Faustus did what he could to befoul the blood pool and redeem the sacrifical room in Nusemnee’s name, but that brought only temporary solice. Low on resources and strength, the DFAs pondered their quandary. Drezan and Behrtogg lay on the floor, struggling to maintain consciousness. Was it safe to wait out the night? Would they survive an frontal assault on the dormitory? Was this all a suicide mission? The DFAs had come so far and learned so much here. Was it all for naught?



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