The Realm.

Kildengaard has no centralized government and is composed of a number of independent city-states, each ruled by different oligopolies, theocracies, or even private army. The citizenry is diverse across the region, but each municipality has its own unique racial hotspots. Trade runs freely throughout the region, but suffers from its share of banditry and general chaos. Thus, there is great demand and economic advantage for adventurers who can keep such chaos at bay…

Framed by the Sea of Cognition on the north, Penetook on the west, Mezzo on the southwest, the Elflands on the Southeast, and the desert nation of Dy’Rotyn to the east, Kildengaard is an important trade nation between East and West Peryntongia, particularly in light of the chaos of the Warring Sisters to the South. The Desert of Dreshen highlights Eastern Kildengaard, which is split by the central-running Witherspine Peaks and Swiftslash Lake. The Eastern realm flattens out into cultivated plain lands, save for the dense Blackwoods to the South.

Ultimately, Kildengaard is a vibrant and desirable land, but one fraught with instability due to its de-centralization. Private interests and strong city-states have kept the chaos at bay for centuries, but one must wonder how long that will last…


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