In the White Shadows


Not everyday does a prize this juicy fall to the Caliphate of the Coin. Bounty-hunting was always a lucrative business, but this was different. Kievstal had rushed this one right to the top of their extradition list, and scrawled a bounty of 40,000 gold pieces next to the fool’s name. That would more than compensate for the TWO sacred Cloudshards required to sedate the man. “That was a steep investment though,” Geroz thought. After all, only a handful of the ancient Elven treasures still remained.

Just who was this Kala-Heznah? Not that Geroz cared, but Yellow Traitor is a harsh thing to name anyone. And all he had to do was drag the sedated man back to the Commander’s Circle and reap his half of the bounty. For a moment, Geroz let himself consider the possibility of taking the prisoner straight to Kievstal himself and avoiding Commander Khaladin altogether, but he quickly banished the thought. One does not simply betray the leader of Mezzo. The might of the great nation would bring swift retaliation even for the attempt.

“Even still, what a good day to stumble upon someone sleeping in a cave,” he thought. “Never again will money come this easy….”


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